Mining and production of ilmenite concentrate

Mezhyrichia Mining and Concentration Complex is a Ukrainian enterprise specializing in the extraction and production of ilmenite concentrate.

The plant is part of the titanium business of the investment and industrial group Group DF.

Ilmenite concentrate is used for the further production of titanium dioxide and in other applications of ilmenite: production of synthetic rutile, welding electrodes, sponge titanium, and in steelmaking.

Mezhyrichia LLC extracts titanium ores using the open-pit method at the Mezhyrichnoye deposit – Isakovsky and Pivdennya areas in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine.

The company has a set of mining and processing and transportation equipment that allows it to carry out a full cycle of production of ilmenite concentrate from ore mining to product shipment by rail.

The mining and processing plant includes:

  • two open pits with a total ore extraction capacity of up to 2,400,000 m3/year, with mining operations carried out by EK-10/70 walking excavators;
  • two primary concentration plants for the production of rough concentrate (70-80% ilmenite) with a total production capacity of up to 200,000 tons per year;
  • finishing factory for processing rough concentrate and producing ilmenite concentrate up to 160,000 tons per year;
  • a site for loading concentrate into railway cars and sea containers;
  • central laboratory for chemical and mineralogical analyzes;
  • transportation area (bulldozers, hydraulic excavators, dump trucks, forklifts);
  • geological exploration area;
  • mechanical and energy repair services.